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4K Drone Photography & Marketing Videography

About Us

Atlanta-Based Drone Services Company

Apollo Avionics was founded in 2023 and specializes in drone-enabled services and video strategy. Our focus is on creating high-quality drone videography for branding, web design, and marketing uses. We work with all types of companies and customize our services and packages to make you look stellar.

aerial photo of a corporate courtyard


Our Focus Areas

If you’re looking to capture aerial shots of your business or property, Apollo Avionics offers the perfect solution with Metro Atlanta drone photography. With our experienced team of photographers, we can provide stunning views of your property, whether it be a commercial building or a residential home. Our drones are equipped with the latest 4K technology and can fly at heights of up to 400 feet, allowing us to get the shots you need. Plus, we have the expertise to ensure that your shots are perfectly framed and taken with the highest quality.


Real Estate

Looking for high-quality videography services for your residential or commercial property? Our expert drone pilots provide stunning walk-throughs and fly-over content that will showcase your property in a way that no static pictures can. We use only the highest-quality equipment to capture every detail, ensuring that your virtual tour will be top-notch.

Photograph of a downtown area with park and buildings


Home Construction

Our home construction and renovation videography service provides you with top-quality aerial footage of your projects. We capture breathtaking before and after images and videos that truly showcase your company's expertise. Our team uses the latest in drone technology to ensure the highest quality footage possible. Let us help you stand out from the competition with our incredible videography service.


Sports & Entertainment

Looking to capture the excitement of your kids' sports events or local concerts and outdoor events? Our Sports and Entertainment Videography service is the perfect solution for you. Our cutting-edge drone technology captures stunning footage from all angles, providing a unique perspective that can't be achieved with traditional filming methods. Let us help you promote your event with a video that audiences won't forget.

Why Choose Us

We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to post-construction facility management. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

What We Provide 


Project Planning

We help you plan and determine your needs for your drone videography project.


Creative & Scripts

We provide creative direction and assist with any script writing to get your message across.


Site Evaluation

We will help you get your property or event location ready for the filming session.


On-Site Filming

We travel throughout the greater Atlanta area to film your indoor or outdoor projects.


Video Editing & Ad Creation

We use a variety of video editing software to create stunning content. We also do voiceovers, captions, and audio.

Latest Projects


234 Kingsway Road


Smith Park Botanical Gardens

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